AKRE’s TOP 15 items for your earhtquake survival kit


Would you be prepared if there was a more destructive earthquake than the one this morning?   My earthquake survival kit until now would have consisted of my make up bag, flat iron, a change of clothes and some cute but comfortable heels.   Here are 15 MUST HAVES in any earthquake survival kit.   You should have one for your home, car, and office.

1. Nonperishable packaged or canned food

2. A gallon of water per person (and don’t forget to count the furry family members)                 per day

3. Manual can opener

4. First aid kit

5. Comfortable shoes and a few changes of clothes

6. Blankets

7. Portable radio and flashlights with plenty of spare batteries

8. Essential medication

9. Toiletries

10. Pet supplies

11. Cash and small change

12.  Entertainment pack (reading material, cards, puzzles)

13. Pocket knife

14. Small tool kit

15. Fire extinguisher

Along with your survival kit if you are a homeowner you want to make sure you protect your home.  http://www.earthquakeauthority.com/CEAindex.asp

Instead of running outside like this Midwestern girl did this morning you want to make sure you know the proper earthquake procedures for all scenarios.  http://www.consrv.ca.gov/index/earthquakes/Pages/qh_earthquakes_what.aspx


Now that you have your earthquake survival kit, earthquake insurance, and your earthquake procedures down, go enjoy another 72 and sunny day at Venice Beach!

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