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groediblesbDoes the thought of gardening intimidate you?  I know for myself I love the thought of being able to grow and eat produce that comes straight from my garden.  I just do not know where to begin, do I have enough land, do I have enough time, what produce grows better in what season.  Home Grown Edible Landscapes has simplified the gardening experience for home owners as well as commercial clients.  They recently have developed an empty lot on Abbot Kinney into multiple 4 feet by 8 feet garden boxes.    Not only are they working with residents they are  also working with restaurants that are within walking distance and providing them organic farming that has almost no carbon foot print.

Whether we hear the word organic in conversation or see it in passing at the local store the meaning of the word can be confusing.  What does organic really mean?

An organic farmer has this thought; we adhere to certain methods without using synthetic chemicals.  It is a holistic view, what affects the soil affects the plants then affects the environment.

What services do you offer residential clients? 

We meet with the client and discuss their nutritional goals, health issues, and cooking styles.  Then we create a planting list based off that.  We also have provided an automatic drip system to water the garden for those who are busy and worried about over watering.  Along with this we provide classes to the client and encourage them to be very involved in the gardening experience.

Do you need to have a certain amount of space to have an edible landscape?

You do not need a certain amount of space; it does limit the amount we can plant.  However we plant to get the most out of the garden.  We train vegetables to grow vertical instead of horizontal.  A tomato plant that would normally take up four feet we train it to grow vertical and take up two feet.

What services do you offer commercial clients? 

Just like the residential client we have a consultation, only we discuss their menu.    We customize the garden based off the menu.  We have master gardeners on site that tend to the garden boxes.  We will change the garden as often as the chef changes the menu.

Since the farm to table revolution has there been a higher demand for commercial places wanting an edible landscape? 

Yes this is locavore evolution.  When you say local produce that usually means it comes from 50 to 300 miles away.  We work with restaurants that are literally walking distance.  There is very little carbon foot print in what we are doing.

What local restaurants do you work with?

We work with Willie Jane, Joes, Feed, The Tasting Kitchen, and Scopa.  We are hoping to work with more restaurants on Abbot Kinney or walking distance from Abbot Kinney.

I saw that you do volunteer work with schools, what programs do you offer them?

We work with disadvantage youth.   We teach them about all the roles of each organism in the garden.   We stress the importance of the rolls and what effects they have on the garden.   At first kids know very little about what the whole food looks like.   They walk away from the experience knowing what their food looks like and where it comes from.  They are also less afraid of worms and the organism in the garden.   Gardening builds compassion, empathy and patients in the kids.


Home Grown Edible Landscapes was founded in May 2009 and now has multiple gardens throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.   The Abbot Kinney location has been in full swing since June  2013 has been very well received by numerous restaurants and residents.  We are excited to see them GRO more in Venice!

Location: 1033 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice California




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