Creative Minds of Venice: Vanessa Schreiber

vanessa headshot2Vanessa brings an extensive background of art and design to her real estate clients.

Combining her artistic talents with her practical knowledge of real estate, she brings a fresh, stylish functionality to Interior Design.  She started her design firm Vanessa Schreiber, LLC. in 2009 working on residential and commercial design projects..

What brought you from Miami to LA?
Shortly after college I moved to LA to pursue a career in entertainment publicity and production as well as to become more involved in the family business of property development.

How long have you been in the Interior Design industry?

After ten years of Real Estate sales in Venice I relocated to NYC in 2005 to begin my studies at The New York School of Interior Design. After completing my degree I moved back to Venice in 2008 and started designing professionally immediately after.

I noticed that you started in Real Estate and decided to get into Interior Design; did working in Real Estate inspire you to pursue a career in Interior Design?

While working as an assistant at a Beverly Hills top Real Estate office I was exposed to some incredible homes that really inspired me.  Often times I would catch myself subconsciously looking at homes and wonder how they could have been improved.  It was at this time when I realized that I was yearning for a creative outlet.

Was it challenging to go back to school after being in the workforce?

It wasn’t easy but I was more inspired to learn this time around then my college years. Being able to relate real life experiences to what you are learning in a classroom makes a big difference.  I was like a sponge and more focused then ever.

Having a British mother, a Canadian father, being raised in Miami, studying in NYC,  residing in Venice CA, staying in NZ off and on for 20 years and traveling around the world certainly must have made you culturally well rounded. Has being exposed to all of these different areas inspired your projects?

Yes it has, being immersed by my families culture and personal travels inspires me to appreciate all aspects of design and its finer qualities. Everything around us is design, we as humans are submersed in it.  Everything down to the pen we write with is designed.  I find beauty in that.

What else inspires you other than traveling?

I am inspired by trade shows, artists, design show rooms, clients houses, other designers, anywhere I can find it really, especially nature.

What are the differences or even similarities between residential and commercial Interior Design?

The process of residential design can be very personal and emotional, where as commercial design allows more freedom with one’s creativity to take risks. I enjoy them both as they offer a blank canvas to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space, the end result is to always create an environment that my clients can feel comfortable and happy in.

Quick! Three words that describe your design aesthetic?

Classic, eclectic and industrial

Do you have rules when designing?

Yes, 100% communication between myself of the client. I cannot stress enough how important communication can be when designing your clients residence or commercial space. It is important to me that everyone is on the same page. Once that is established the rest of the process can be set in place.

Do you ever have times where you have to step out of your design comfort zone due to a client’s extremely different taste?

The job of a designer is to make your clients vision come to fruition while infusing with your own unique style. Having said that, designing is certainly not about imposing your vision on their project. Finding a comfortable balance of incorporating your vision with theirs is always challenging yet one of the best parts of the job. The key is to listen to your clients. Real estate is location, location, location where as design is listen, listen, listen.

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

Knowing that your client is satisfied with the end result. Seeing the smile on their faces and knowing that you helped make their daily life a little better is what keeps me going.  Your home/commercial space is your sanctuary.


Vanessa continues to sell real estate at Abbot Kinney Real Estate while building her design firm.  She is able to combine both of her passions in life, a real estate agent and Interior Designer.

Favorite Local shop: Flannel on Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Favorite Local eatery:  SaltAir

Favorite Local hang out:  Hal’s

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