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This week we continue our discussion with Sharele Cook an Interior Design Consultant about what 5 items we can look past when house hunting.  Last week we discussed the top five things you really need to focus on when house hunting, such as lighting, the layout, energy efficiency, storage space, materials and finishes.   Let’s see what she says should not be deal breakers when house hunting.

1.  Color


Get past the color on the current walls. The owner before may have really loved electric blue in their bedroom, while you may find the color intrusive.  The good news is that paint is an inexpensive fix that you can change easily and quickly. The colors of the cabinets might be a light birch, but do not worry.  If they are in good shape, you can stain them a dark, richer color to go with your more modern style. Try to see past the old owner’s personal taste and try to envision yourself living in the space with your own design twist.  Remember, you are going to want to make the place your own and that comes through paint and design elements.

2.  Appliances


Who does not want stainless steel appliances? I know that I do, but that does not mean that all stainless steel appliances come with the features that you want.  The previous owner may have a stainless steel refrigerator combo that had a bottom freezer and top fridge.  I do not personally care for that.  Others may not like side by sides, because they feel the freezer does not have enough space.  Either way, appliances are something that you can change over time and when you are ready to do so, your wants, needs, and taste may have also changed.  Plus, buying new appliances affords for customization.  When you look at houses and find the perfect one, the wrong appliances are really a mute point.

3.  Fixtures


Your taste might be modern and you might like a freestanding bathroom vanity, but the current space has an obtrusive large double sink vanity that has an outdated feel. Light fixtures might scream 50’s.  You may want a new top of the line toilet that slowly closes the lid with a slight tap.  You may want a decorative ornate mirror above your beautiful new vanity instead of the standard mirror that was placed there before.  Have fun with fixtures, make your house your new home with your personal touches.

4.  Hardware


Hardware includes doorknobs, sink faucets, shower heads, light switches, etc. All of these are very easy to switch out and again, offer customization options. Important thing to remember you do not need an electrician to switch a light switch, but you do need one to add an outlet.

5.  Window Treatments

window treatments

Rarely does a home come with proper and nice looking window treatments. Chances are you will be changing them or adding to them regardless.  Window treatments are fun and they can definitely dress up or enhance a room, but they are in no way a deal breaker. The old homeowner may leave vertical blinds on the windows, but this does not mean that you have to keep them up. You can find window treatments at numerous places in all different styles. Look beneath the treatments and look at the windows themselves!

Sharele could not stress more that you have to try hard to look past these details and really focus on the lighting,  layout, energy efficiency, storage space, and last but not least materials and finishes.  Happy house hunting

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