Westchester is a quiet, suburban bedroom community that is home to Loyola Marymount University and Los Angeles International Airport. Just a short drive to the beach community of Playa del Rey, Westchester is ideally located in close to proximity to the Westside and yet set away from its hustle and bustle.

Westchester has a rich aviation history with the Douglas Aircraft Co., Northrop Corp, and other related industries setting up operations there in the early
part of the century.

“The physical and social planning for Westchester, intertwined with an emphasis on neighborhood consciousness and a sense of belonging, became the underpinnings of a thriving community that has endured the unprecedented growth of an airport leading into the 21st century as a world class aviation center.”
(from the Westchester Chamber website)

Air races use to take place on one of the ranches near the present location of Aviation Blvd. and Imperial Highway in the early 1920’s. This area eventually became home to Los Angeles International Airport. In 1940 visionary entrepreneur Howard Hughes acquired the farm lands between Playa del Rey and Marina del Rey, now the location of the Playa Vista development, seeing its potential to be the home of his new aviation center. A few years later, Hughes was building the Spruce Goose and manufacturing war-related aircraft and components there. As an aviation center, Westchester drew many families which spawned the growth of the post WWII tract homes many of which have evolved into a variety of remodels and re-builds.

Westchester was recently chosen by the National Building Museum as one of three communities on exhibit as communities developed as a result of WWII and the American Dream.

Westchester is also home to highly-noted art college Otis Parsons and Westchester Golf Course.


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