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Perhaps one of the main benefits of owning Santa Monica real estate is the ability to use the many beautiful open green spaces maintained by the Open Space Management Division – yet another perk of the excellent city municipal services. With more than 420-acres of public space and close to 173,000-square feet of community facilities stretching throughout the City of Santa Monica, the Open Space Management Division is constantly promoting the use of these facilities and is maintaining them to only the highest standard. Santa Monica property is located in close proximity to more than 245-acres of state beach, 24 marvelous parks, over 50 manicured and landscaped public areas, the community forest, five Playground Partnership play-fields and 27 community facility sites. When you choose Santa Monica as your home, a wealth of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors is opened up to you and your family.

Real Estate Santa Monica

Owning Santa Monica real estate also allows residents the use of several tennis and basketball courts, ten community centers, and the popular Santa Monica Swim Center, which spans nearly 48,000 square feet. As you can see, Santa Monica is far more than just a gorgeous beach town. When you’re ready to explore the real estate options available to you here in Santa Monica, our team of specialists look forward to assisting you. Founded in 2002 by Suzy Frank & Associates, Abbot Kinney Real Estate professionals are some of the most tenured in the business. Please allow us to use our knowledge, expertise and resources to ensure your next real estate transaction is as smooth and successful as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome the opportunity to gain your lasting trust and continued business.

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