Suzy Frank’s Testimonials

Suzy is a part of the fabric of Venice. She’s lived here and been a leader in the real estate market for many years, readily adapting to all the many changes along the way. I’ve had multiple dealings with her and she always tells it like it is, gets the best prices for the properties she lists, and is simply a pleasure to deal with. Suzy genuinely cares about her clients and that’s why they keep coming back.
-Eric Schiff

I’ve lived and worked in Venice for over 30 years. Until I met Suzy some 15 years ago, I’d never really had a good experience with a realtor. Once I began working with Suzy, it became immediately apparent that I had found “my realtor.”
Not only is Suzy an all around excellent person, she is the quintessential real-estate expert. Suzy has successfully guided my family through several real-estate transactions including listings, sales, leases, escrows, and even lends her professional eye to my construction projects and remodels. I recommend her without hesitation and trust her immensely.
-Gary Allen

In the crowded landscape of Venice realtors one woman reigns supreme. Suzy Frank is not only an informed real estate expert; she’s a creative deal maker with a “get it done” attitude. She’s helped me find and close several complex property deals in the Venice area and it’s always been a pleasure to work with her. Suzy always has her ear to the found and she knows the Venice market better than anyone. Her staff is wonderful and they all make you feel like part of the Abbot Kinney Real Estate family. All I can really say is, if you want the pitbull of Dogtown, call Suzy!
-James Tooley

As one offer fell thru she was already busy negotiating the next one.
-Tracy Wilson

We couldn’t have asked for a better realtor than Suzy Frank. She is professional, efficient, hard working and she’s got a rock and roll attitude that makes her a lot of fun to work with. Suzy didn’t stop until the deal on our house closed. As one deal ended she was already negotiating the next one. She truly wanted our family to get the best deal on our home so we could move onto the next chapter of our lives. She’s got heart and a lot of passion for her job and she gives that to her clients. Suzy is a one of a kind lady who gets the job done.
-Laurent and Tracy Soriano

We are so lucky to have worked with Suzy over the years. She was our agent on the first house we sold. She got multiple offers literally in hours and sold our tiny little Venice home way over asking price. This allowed us to buy our next home where she represented us as well as the seller. This can be a tricky balance for the agent but both sides walked away feelings like we got a great deal.

When our family grew and it was time to move to a much bigger house, Suzy became more than just an agent, but also a true friend. Her careful counsel on the market, what we could afford and what would work for our family was always sincere. We were in a difficult position as we did a long escrow so we could sell our house which was harder than we thought. She kept both sides calm as she was super aggressively advertising our house for sale so we would find a buyer in time (we did). Over the years we have recommended her many times and will continue to do so. She has worked miracles for us and we adore her.
-Megan Crawford

My wife and I met Suzy the first day we moved to Venice in 2004. With her larger than life personality and big smile, we quickly realized that she was the one to know regarding “everything Venice.” For the following 8 years, we had a wonderful opportunity to get to know Suzy and the associates of Abbot Kinney Real Estate as they were at the center of the action on Abbot Kinney Blvd and seemingly associated with every new listing in Venice. We stopped Suzy several times on the street, talking for extended periods of time about Venice, listings, trends, etc and we never got the feeling that she was bothered by out questions or in a rush. So when it came time to lease our home, and then ultimately sell it, there was only one option – Abbot Kinney Real Estate. Suzy and her team were fantastic and we always felt that they were representing out best interests. In fact, several times over the years when we wanted to sell during the down economy, Suzy advised us NOT to because she knew the Venice market was rebounding before anyone else did – that told us she was interested in maximizing out value rather than just putting something on her books. Unfortunately our days in Venice are no longer, but we know that through our entire experience, Suzy and her team were 100% on our side and, if we ever do move back, Suzy will be out first call.
-The Snyder Family


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Suzy Frank is an expert on Venice Real Estate as well as L.A.'s entire Westside.

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