Culver City, California USA

Culver City, California is close to everything hot! Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Sony Pictures Studios, the Pacific Ocean…. You name it! Part of the west side of Los Angeles known as “Silicon Beach,” which is home to nearly 500 tech startups, Culver City has become a cultural hub, combining the best elements of art, film, tech, and food. What else makes living in Culver City so great? Check out our list of things to know!

A Touch of Hollywood Movie Glamour | When Culver City was founded in 1917, founder Harry Culver ran his city campaign with the tag “All Roads Lead to Culver City.” Around the same time, Thomas Ince was building his reputation as a film producer and director throughout California. Culver persuaded Ince to move to Culver City to create a city steeped in movie magic. From The Culver Studios in 1919 to Sony Pictures today, the city has left its mark in the filmmaking industry.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow | Sony Pictures Studios (formerly MGM Studios) is based in Culver City and has produced some of the most famous films in American history, including Ben Hur, The Wizard of Oz, and Singin’ in The Rain. Stop by during one of the two-hour tours the company hosts throughout the week. These tours are open to the public, and you can see everything from classic film memorabilia to the rainbow installation!

Art Lovers Will Love Culver City | Artists of all genres are making Culver City a truly vibrant place to live and work. The Culver City Arts District includes 35 art galleries and more than 43 boutiques, shops, and cafes that act as a gallery spaces. Each year, the district hosts an Art Walk that showcases the work of artists throughout the city with live music and events. You can also find tons of murals and street art around the city!

A Haven for Foodies | You don’t have to go all the way to Downtown Los Angeles to find great food! From casual bakeries to high-end dining, this city has something for everyone. Check out Copenhagen Pastry, the first authentic Danish pastry shop in Culver City. They offer everything from kringle cakes to raspberry macaroons, and they even have delivery options for residents and businesses within five to ten miles! Want tacos? Head to Loqui, where you’ll find fresh, handmade Mexican cuisine in a casual environment. Try the Chicken Molcajete! For an upscale dining experience, Hatchet Hall is a must-visit. The rotating menu focuses on seasonal, local ingredients and includes items like Beef Fat Potatoes, Roasted Game Hen, and Striped Seabass.

Your Choice of Caffeine | Attention coffee lovers! Culver City might just be the perfect place for you. The famous Blue Bottle Coffee has a cafe location here, as does the more modern Cognoscenti Coffee. If you like locally-roasted coffee, hit up Bar Nine, where you can sit down and enjoy a coffee or purchase whole beans and roast at home! Be sure to stop by The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa as well! This coffeehouse is a Culver City institution that specializes in organic coffee and tea that you can grab in-store or online.

Soak Up the Sun with Free Outdoor Activities | Stop by the popular Culver City Farmers Market for delicious produce, beautiful flowers, and homemade treats. Enjoy an afternoon at one of the city’s 11 parks, where you can sit down for a picnic, play a pick-up game of basketball, or swing with the kids on the playground. If you’re a hiker or runner, definitely check out The Culver City Stairs. LA Weekly named this one of the best spots for athletes looking for a challenge! There’s also Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Center, an expansive park with fishing, hiking, and more.

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